One Tiny Thing - Practice Gratitude

We strive. We set goals for our future. We compare the person that we are now and the life we live with the one we want to be and the one we want to live in.

This is a good thing! Wanting to be better than you are today is what drives us forward.

However, for many people, happiness eludes us because of this comparison. We feel we aren’t getting there fast enough.

For this reason, we need to pause and look backward at our past selves. We need to recognize all of the progress we have made, and be grateful to ourselves for achieving it.

Imagine yourself five years ago. What did you want? What were the things that kept you up at night, thinking, “If only…”

For me, it was a whole pile of things. I wanted my own business—one with more freedom. I wanted to have a wider social circle. I wanted a house. And, at the top of the pile was my desire for a relationship that would last, someone to be my best friend and life partner.

Today, I have all of the things I wanted. And still, I want more. That’s not a bad thing, but it takes conscious effort for me to remember that I have literally EVERYTHING I wanted five years ago. Things that seemed impossible at the time are here to stay. And that’s something I should be proud of and grateful for, especially my kind and loving husband.

I lost someone important to me last week, and in remembering her beautiful life I was again reminded that time is fleeting, and we have to be grateful for it.



This week, look back on where you were 2, 5, or 10 years ago. Think of the things you wished for, and recognize how far you’ve come. You have done an amazing job! Be proud of your hard work.