Couples Finance is dedicated to helping you and your partner build your relationship and conquer all of your financial fears.


It's the place to get spreadsheet templates, financial assessment questionnaires, case studies and tools for the couple committed to staying together. 


It's also the place where I share all the details of all of my own struggles with finances as my husband, Chuck, and I joined our finances--stuff like how to have a non-confrontational talk about finances, how to figure out how to organize them, new accounts, and how to split bills. This is where I share the behind-the-scenes action of how we were able to make our financial life easy peazy.

You don't have to have an MBA in finance to do this stuff. All you need is someone to show you how! I'm that person. I can show you quick-and-dirty tactics to get you to where you want to be in a hurry.

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Hey, I'm Samantha.

Hi! In the past six years I've built and managed a global sales and account management team. I've hired and trained employees in 12 countries in 8 different languages. I've built two of my own successful businesses generating over $500,000 in gross profit in less than a year. I've smashed sales records, pioneered revenue strategies, and improved business processes everywhere I've been. 

More importantly, I've researched, strategized, and developed a fool-proof plan for merging my finances with my husband.


I'm here to help you see the same success we have had. Stop fighting about finances today!

This doesn't have to be painful. All you really need is some way to sort through the massive amount of information out there to get to the stuff that actually applies to you. Trust me--I remember the daunting feeling of Googling "how to talk about finances with your significant other" and seeing thousands of articles...all written by extremely old personal finance "professionals" who were completely out of touch with our generation.

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