What if you woke up every Saturday morning and made one tiny change that had the power to IMprove your relationship forever?


One minor adjustment.
One shift in the way you think.
One teeny modification in your behavior.


Would you do it? Would you spend 15 minutes a week investing in your relationship?


The One Tiny Thing newsletter sends you one tiny change you can make each week to improve your relationship. You'll receive emails every Saturday when you wake up, and by spending 15 minutes reading the email, you'll be focused on keeping your relationship at the front of your mind.

It's time to make a change


Even if your relationship is smooth sailing, none of us are perfect. We all have room to improve how well we love our spouse. Being mindful and focused on our relationship means that we'll avoid future problems, and learn to communicate in a deeper and more spiritual way (whether or not you are religious!). 


invest in your relationship today!


Common Questions

How is this different from the other newsletters I receive?
Unlike many other newsletters, this one contains just ONE TINY THING, because we know you're busy. You don't have time to outclick on a ton of URLs and remember multiple bullet points of information. Since we'll include just one tiny thing, you'll get a piece of information you can remember and act on for a whole week, which will hopefully turn it into habit!

Do people share this email with their spouse?
Typically, yes! Depending on the comfort level of couples, we recommend both individuals subscribe to the newsletter. You can read the newsletter first thing Saturday when you wake up in bed, and then both try to focus on the ONE TINY THING for the following week.

What if this email is annoying? What if I don't like it? You can unsubscribe easily at any time, and we won't bother you again!